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Modern Racism Podcast

Apr 14, 2021

Episode 5 will discuss Asian Americans, the concept of "The Model Minority", and Asian Americans as "forever foreigners." The conversation focuses on the importance of education in understanding the history of Asians as Americans. 

The featured guest for this episode is Dr. Vivian Louie, Professor of Urban Policy and Planning at Hunter College (City University of New York) and Director of Hunter's Asian American Studies Program & Center. Dr. Louie is the author of Compelled to Excel: Immigration, Education and Opportunity Among Chinese Americans (2004), Keeping the Immigrant Bargain: The Costs and Rewards of Success (2012), and has written a recent Op Ed in the New York Daily News: "Asian-American studies, more vital than ever: Coronavirus is a moment we should be learning" (May 19, 2020).